DEV – Stateflow & Alternative rotation

Made few improvements to the UI and state flow, you can now go from reset screen to the main menu screen. Added an option for the player in the options menu to enable or disable gyroscope. If the gyroscope is disabled, you can play with the arrow buttons on the in-game UI. I added these and their functionality as well this week. It is now easy to rotate without gyroscope


I also added the right settings for the android build and a temporary logo ­čÖé Improved loading time too by compressing audio.



DEV – Critical fixes

Overtime we started noticing some new bugs with the way we checked if the player has a perfect fit. This caused a very big disconnection with the player. I spent this week researching this issue and fixing it. I also started commenting multiple methods and classes so we both know what method does what. I also a way to add an action to perform every update frame for the shape. So you can now make a shape rotate while coming to you, etc.

Art – Art Doc Finished

ART DOC ->┬áTeam8 – ArtDoc

This week we all worked on the art doc again, considering we have made a u-turn considering art style. We are going for a heavily stylized look now.

I was responsible for the following parts of the guide:

Style,  Proportions, Texture/Shading, The UI-MockUp, Lighting & Game Screenshot.

I also did the lay-out on the art document.


DEV – UI and Animation manager + new shapes

This week, I implemented an easy-to-use system to handle animations for the UI via the UI manager. I changed to current UI and menu to the new one, which of course brought some difficulties with it (it’s UI, what did you expect?) and I extended the UI manager a bit. I animated the menu screen with this system:


I also worked on the mechanics. With the insertion of the new shape, we had a few playability issues. The first one was that the triangle wasn’t rotating as expected. Although its pivot was aligned as it should be, it acted really weird. Some math fixed this problem. We also had a second kind of game breaking issue with the new rectangle mesh. When switching to the rectangle mesh, it would be rotated differently then the mesh you came from, although the rotation stayed the same! Issue fixed now, everything is smooth and managable, hooray!

As usual, code got restructured and cleaned while I was working on it.

Me and Jonathan also spend another few hours on the art document this week. (See next post).

ART – Cel Shading Outline

As of special effects we are going for a more simplistic / chill out feel, very in sync with the sound of the game. It still has to be concluded if we are going to use all aspects of cell shading, we are probably not going for the toon like shading but we are going for its outline properties. That outline will envelop all meshes and create a nice visual border between fore- and background. As for particles, we basically are going for ambient particles that may or may not be influenced by the music playing in the background.

Cel Shading Outline