Art – Achievement Screen & Scaling Fixes

This week I spent some time on the first ideas for achievements aswell as a quick achievement screen.

I also fixed the scaling issues we had with the latest shape meshes and their corresponding animations.




DEV – Rotation by Touch and LOTS of fixes!

I worked a lot on the project this week, mainly because I wanted it to be bug free before the start of Flega. I started with one of my bigger tasks: implementing the new UI (screenshots can be seen on the artists blog.). As I have set up the UI managing myself, this went pretty quickly.

Next up was the return button on android, I added functionality to it so that the player can now go back to the main menu at any given time when he is in game. To prevent the player pressing this accidentally, I have provided a confirmation screen. From this confirmation screen the player can either go back to the game or leave to the main menu.

The next thing I did was implementing what happens when you die. Before this week, you would just get a message with “You lost” and that’s it. Not only the teachers, but also all of my friends who played the game asked what their score was when they died. So I implemented a system-independent hi score that tracks your best score and shows you what score you achieved when you died.

I then fixed the animations, for some reason the animation that handled the transition between the main menu and the in game screen only played the first time you would press play. I tracked this bug down and fixed it, as it was a pretty deep bug I decided to fix it at the core instead of just patching it, which demanded some rewriting of the manager.

I fixed the UI messages that get displayed platform independently, PC and Android get different texts also the score multiplier now gets applied when you die. Also tweaked the gyroscope handling.

And last but definitely not least, I implemented the touch handling and the UI player feedback for it. If your phone does not support gyroscope or you just hate rotating your phone to play a game, you can now disable the gyroscope option in the settings and you can play the game with your fingers. This system was a real problem to tackle,  I had to make sure that the rotating was not too sensitive when you travel a long distance with your finger but at the same time you still want to be able to do high precision last second tweaking.

The following gif is recorded using Unity Remote (because the touch rotation does of course only work with a mobile phone as controlling unit, keep in mind that the Unity Remote connection has some delay on it, which makes it super hard to play from the remote but it is the only way to record).



ART – Added New FX

This week i added another particle effect and tweaked the toonshader that we used before.
The Particle Effect is a concept of what would visually happen when the player gets a streak/combo of some sort.
It should be very clear that the player completes such a feat, so a lot of moving particles are good for this.
The preview will probably not be what it will look like when the game’s finished but it gives a clear idea.
I also altered our toonshader so we could use alpha masks for transparency, it’s now possible to change the color of the outline too.

DEV – Tweak & Fix

Welcome back again to a weekly update. We are tweaking and fixing our game for an upcoming FLEGA café at DAE howest. You’ll be able to play our game and give us feedback! You can find more information at the event page

Enough advertisement, on to weekly dev updates. I’ve created a new kind of pattern in the way our shapes spawn. Every x amount of shapes ( configurable) there will be a burst of 3 walls coming towards you. This is also indicated by a different kind of particle stream coming towards the player. These are the same type eg triangle and will never rotate. The goal is that the player has to just focus on rotating his phone quickly to match the pattern. Ofcourse the speed is a bit faster than the normal walls. I’ve also tweaked some of the difficulties and player feedback mechanics. It’s hard to get it right since I’m getting so used to the game that it might be way to hard for other people to play it. I wanted to implement the morphing animation of the shape but currently I’m stuck on that since I first need to right shapes with the correct scale.

For mobile testing I’ve created a build and ran it on my old Acer Liquid E2 flashed with a custom cyanogen mod. The menus have a framerate of around 60 while the actual ingame only has 30 and feels very slow.

Thanks for reading everyone! Enjoy this gif of this weeks build.

Can’t see the video? Try using a different browser


Dev – Features and bug fixes

This week I focused on adding some handy features the teachers asked us about. For example I made a new menu state that responds to the return button on the android phones. Players can now go back to the main menu at any time they want. There’s still need for tweaking with the delay on the return button for confirmation. I also implemented the touch anywhere in the middle to pause and resume the game. Also changed the way the animations are handled.

Made the navigating between UI states cleaner and more user (programmer) friendly, because this was what caused the 2-hour-fix-simple-bug. I removed the user interface and functionability of the right part of the screen to make room for a new and better system.