ART – Particle Performance

Due to performance issues we have decided to take the particles down a notch. So basically we have just two particles now, the ones that envelop the tunnel and the ones that announce the three rapid holes combo.


Art – Ambient Particles

I tried to add a first iteration of what would be our ambient particles flying around in our scene. These benefit our game in a way of increasing the feel of speed and the stress that comes with it. The particles follow the same movement curve of our hole-shapes wich adds to a tunnel effect, wich in turn also creates a sense of speed. It’s still a WIP though so the end result may completely differ from my example.


ART – Cel Shading Outline

As of special effects we are going for a more simplistic / chill out feel, very in sync with the sound of the game. It still has to be concluded if we are going to use all aspects of cell shading, we are probably not going for the toon like shading but we are going for its outline properties. That outline will envelop all meshes and create a nice visual border between fore- and background. As for particles, we basically are going for ambient particles that may or may not be influenced by the music playing in the background.

Cel Shading Outline

ART – Particle FX

We are going to try and use several particle effects in our game. Being a futuristic/SCI-FI setting we are going for effects like sparks, fire, voltaic arcs and ambient particles.
Sparks can we use for a lot of things like switches, visualization of friction and so on…
Fire can be used to visualize thrust or something that went wrong.
Electric arcs are always cool and represent almost all of the time something scientific happening, wich is always a cool visual feature.
And ambient particles are a nice way of representing the speed of a game, they can be flying around towards the camera for a more immersive, faster experience.
But with all these effects we have to be careful, they can be quite heavy on performance.
We still need to see in what way we can implement them without problems depending on the Unity Engine and the Mobile Device we use.