Art – First Control Screen

Made rudimentary control screens with the basic controls for both mobile and pc.

These will be updated once more features are implemented.




ART – Logo design

I looked at a lot of logo’s from the motorsports world, those are very diverse, from gritty and street art like to very clean and professional.  With these in mind I made a few first prototypes that may or may not be used in our final game.

ART – Mood and Reference

The Art style of the game will be gravitating towards a futuristic/SCI-FI sports event. We wanted to have the visuals to complement a fast paced game so the feeling of speed can really come across.


I went and found some good examples that are already out there, and provides a good representation of what art style we’re going for. The fact that it’s SCI-FI greatly compliments the fact that we’re working with shapes that are flying around with thrusters and Mag-locking with other shapes.4180381-portal-2-game

We also wanted a sports feel to add, like a “league” of some kind. Real life sports events are always very colorfull and extravagant, because there is a lot of money attached to it. this is usually visible through sponsor stickers and colors. Most of the time these are very vibrant and present everywhere. maxresdefault (2)

ART Mockup + Concepts

First things first. Ideas.

I started drawing dawn some concepts of the game: the main player elements, environment, general layout, some mechanics etc.

These concept sheets visualize the main idea of the game: Adapt and tilt shapes to fit the hole comming towards you.

This is a first mockup of what we have in mind:


Mechanic concepts
Shape Concepts


I started visualtizing one of the shapes in 3D. This is a prototype result: